Director Pietro Parolin

Story Pietro Parolin

Screenplay Pietro Parolin with Mario Cristiani e Andrea Fazzini


Neri Marcorè

Piera Degli Esposti

Stefano Pesce

Anna Dalton

Antonio Pennarella

Cristina D’Alberto

Paolo Bessegato

Pierpaolo Spollon

Cinematography Luca Coassin (A.I.C.)

Editing Davide Vizzini

Music Lorenzo Tomio (Ala Bianca Group, GDM Music)

Set design Mauro Vanzati

Costume design   Mary Montalto

Sound Giuliano Marcaccini

Assistant director Michele Banzato

Casting Veronika Mancino

Still photographer Luca Lago

Line producer  Elio Cecchin

Executive producer  Elisabetta Bruscolini

Produced by CSC Production with Rai Cinema

in cooperation with Digipix,  AMG,  360 degrees film, Annamode Costumes

Film recognised as being of cultural interest, with contributions from MIBACT - Direzione Generale per il Cinema.

Distribution Bolero Film

Duration: 90’

Year 2015

Gualtiero (Neri Marcorè) s a child of arrogant dad and spoiled, but nice, that has not inherited from his father the genius of the business and he has squandered big part of the fortune of family. The only remained ownerships are managed by his mother (Piera Degli Esposti) that she has stopped lavishing benefits to his/her/their child. Gualtiero is so forced to do something that would ever have imagined: to be a job! He decides then to produce the first crucifix entirely realized in recycled plastics making himself help from a Neapolitan busybody of doubtful fame. In the meantime his brother-in-law police officer (Stefano Pesce), that hates him and he would want to subtract him the inheritance, will make of everything to hinder him. While his sister teacher of mathematics, extraneous to the reality because grown in a bell of glass, will be invested by a scandal seeds serious bursted to school that will shake the monotonous rhythm of her life.