Director Sergio Basso

Story Sergio Basso, Marianna Cappi, Marina Polla De Luca

Based on an idea of Marina Polla De Luca

Screenplay  Sergio Basso, Marianna Cappi

With the collaboration of Marina Polla De Luca


Cristiana Capotondi

Andrey Chernyshov

Olga Pogodina

Rachele Cremona

Andrea Pittorino

Laura Gaia Piacentile

Bonny Mappilamattel

Anna Potebnya

Maxim Bychkov
Cinematography Francesco Di Giacomo

Editing Davide Vizzini

Music Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi (Sugar/Creuza)

Set design Mauro Vanzati

Costume design Nicoletta Ercole

Sound Davide Pesola

Assistant director Nicola Marzano

Still photographers Daniele Mosconi, Matteo Nesello, Valeriy Karauts

Line producer  Francesco Papa

Executive producer Elisabetta Bruscolini

Co-producer Uliana Kovaleva

Produced by CSC Production, Sharoncinema Production, Rai Cinema e Zori Film (Russia)

In cooperation with F.lli Cartocci, Digipix, Cinecitta’ Studios, Nicomax Cinematografica, BNL– Gruppo Bnp Paribas

Film recognised as being of cultural interest, with contributions from MIBACT - Direzione Generale per il Cinema.

Duration: 98’

Year 2014

Our history has to do with the first skirmishes of the love and the friendship. Our protagonists have between the ten and the eleven years and they frequent the same whole sports centre: hockey and artistic skating. Matilde is in love of Tobia from the third elementary. Be time to officially engage him! Katerina and Aleksej come from Russia, and their stainless bond goes up again to when they met him for the first time, among the clouds on an airplane. The four constitutes a narrow group as the fingers of a hand that it doesn’t hesitate to launch him in fantastic adventures. The routine of the sports centre is upset by the arrival of Agatha: her father is transferred from not too long, she is different from the other children, she is bewitching. And she lightens the heart of Tobia: the rashness he likes the gust of novelty brought by this child. Ajit, child of Indian immigrants, and his imaginary friend they are in love of Matilde. Also to follow more from near her trainings, Ajit enrolls him in the team of hockey. Will Matilde acknowledge Ajit? News bomb: a twinned Muscovite sports centre invites them all for a quadrangular in the capital snores!


Worldfest Houston (2016) - Best Children Family Film and Best Rising Star, Female to Cristiana Capotondi

Samara International Film Festival (2015) - Special Mention

Italian Contemporary Film Festival Junior (2014) - Best Youth Film Award Toronto Canada

International children’s festival “Aliye Parusa in Artek “(2014) - Award for the Bright Actress Performance to Anya Potebnya for the role “Katerina”

International Open Youth Film Festival “Reflection” in Zelenograd (2014) - Grand Prix for Best Children film