After the success at the Venice Film Festival will be in theater from 20. September "We‘ll be young and beautiful", the first work by Letizia Lamartire with Barbora Bobulova, Alessandro Piavani, Massimiliano Gallo and Federica Sabatini, produced by CSC Production with RAI CINEMA, the only Italian film in competition at the 33rd SIC - International Critics' Week. In Venice he won the Soundtrack Stars Award, collected by Matteo Buzzanca, author of the music (published by Sugar), Barbora Bobulova who sang a cappella by surprise for the audience and by the director Letizia Lamartire.

Isabella (Barbora Bobulova) is eighteen in the early nineties, and is a star. He records an album that has a huge success and that for a whole summer passes on all radios and televisions. Then nothing more. Over twenty years later, he sang those same songs in a local restaurant with his son Bruno (Alessandro Piavani), guitarist. It is because of the boy that his career has stopped, or at least that is what Isabella is told.

Bruno and Isabella seem more brother and sister than mother and son. An unconventional and ramshackle family, the two are linked by a relationship that is at times morbid, united against the world. This link, however, breaks when Bruno meets Arianna, leader of a rock band that offers him to join his band.

The cast completes: Elisabetta de Vito, Ciro Scalera, Paola Calliari, Victoria Silvestro, Tiziana Viano, Matteo Buzzanca, Gianvincenzo Pugliese, Gianluca Pantosti.