Shorts “Le visite” (Visiting Day) by Elio Pace, “Il legionario” (The Legionnaire) by Hleb Papou, “Piccole italiane” (Little Italian Girls) by Letizia Lamartire have been selected at the second edition of SIC@SIC.

The short films programme is part of the 32nd Venice International Film Critics’ Week, an independent and parallel section organized by the National Union of Italian Film Critics’ (SNCCI) during the 74th Venice International Film Festival (August 30 – September 9 2017).

Official Screenings:

Le visite (Visiting Day) – Friday 1 September, 2.00pm, Perla Hall

Il legionario (The Legionnaire) - Saturday 2 September, 2.00pm, Perla Hall

Piccole italiane (Little Italian Girls) - Sunday 3 September, 2.00pm, Perla Hall

Director, cast and troupe of each short film will be present in theatre.